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Mission and Investment Profile
GV Investments (GVI) is a private investment company organized to acquire and manage lower to middle-market companies involving a transition of both ownership and lead operating management, such as a retiring owner/president.

GVI was established by Steven Chilinski who has managed several international, middle-market companies consistently enhancing their revenue and operating performance. Mr. Chilinski has operated businesses in many diverse industries primarily for premier private equity firms such as Bain Capital, American Securities Capital and Parthenon Capital.

GVI recognizes the unique concerns of transitioning business owners and, accordingly, maintains a flexible approach to developing deal structures that address both a seller's immediate financial goals as well as ongoing business plans and strategies.

Investment Profile ::

Business: Established manufacturing, wholesale/distribution and business service companies with a substantial portion of profits from 1) annuity/recurring revenue streams or 2) protected/defensible competitive positions. Distressed companies or turnarounds are invited.

Size: Targeted annual cash flows range from $1 million to $10 million.

Corporate HQ: New England

Not Considered: Start-ups, undifferentiated machine/fabrication companies, software businesses or retail establishments

Capital: GVI has substantial availability of equity capital from founder's funds and committed financial partners, as well as private equity alliances.




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